Sunday, November 3, 2013

Blog Post # 11- Kathy Cassidy videos

videos discussed:
Mrs. Kathy Cassidy’s Class

After watching these videos I believe her approach to using technology in the classroom is phenomenal.  I believe I would use all of the techniques she uses-such as Twitter, Blogs and skype. I would also talk with the students about digital citizenship just as she does. I also believe Ms. Cassidy did a good thing by talking to school administrators at the school she teaches at and parents of her students about what she is doing in her classroom because  I believe it’s always a good idea to get approval. I believe talking with students if there is a problem is a great idea because this helps students understand why something should or shouldn’t be done. What problems might I encounter with this approach in the use of technology? Probably the same as discussed in the videos. How would I address them in my future classroom? Probably by talking to students when there is a problem and put blocks on places they shouldn’t go on the internet and talking with parents and administrators about class activities. I think it is important to build communication with students, their parents and the administrators at the school, so I would communicate with all as much as I can. I will send newsletters home to parents with their students have talks with parents about their child’s progress, and email administrators about what is going on in my future class.  What benefits might I anticipate with these approaches in my future classroom? Increased learning and interest in learning. Creativity being seen in student work, more growth in progress each week and students building a larger network than simply inside their home and at school. 

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