Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blog Post 1-If I Built A School, What Would It Be Like?

Venosdale and Mitra in their descriptions of what they want the future of schools to be,both had basically the same approach to learning-that learning should be hands-on and the teacher instead of having their students regurgitate material for a test, they would teach themselves by doing instead of just reading a textbook. The future of learning is not going to be about regurgitation, it will be about doing-it will be more based on projects and portfolios than about test scores and grades.

I plan on teaching 7-12 students of any subject when I finish school. I will emphasize student-centered learning based on creativity and making learning fun. I will emphasize the partnership that exists between learners and teachers and learners other learners. I will emphasize group work and hands-on activities using the technology available.

What do I want my students to know?  How to be an independent learner who knows how to use technology or ask for help when needed, I want them to know how to create their own ideas.
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What do I want them to be able to do? Be lifelong learners who can function well in society because they can use any resource to learn about what it is they want to learn. I want them to be able to not simply rely on the teacher for information, although help from the teacher is there if needed. I want them to be able to be self-sufficient. I want them to be well-rounded scholars and learn that all subjects are interesting. I want them to be able to show others how to do something.

my primary method of teaching my future students will be through projects, activities, hands-on work and   through group work.
what tools will I use in my future classroom? Any technology available, such as computers, ipads,  etc.
what role will my future students play in my future classroom? they will be users of technology, creators/innovators, information gatherers, collaborators
how will my future students participate in the learning process? they will do many projects that will demonstrate their skill in the concept, they will help each other and ask the teacher for help if needed, they will use technology to assist them in the learning process, not to do the work for them.

that is what it would be like if I Built A School