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Blog Post 8-collaborative project - Braque Group ( Morgan Rushlow and Daniel LoVette)- 21st Century Learning and Communicating Tools

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Thoughts on Khan Academy and YouTube/education- By: Morgan Rushlow

Khan Academy is a wonderful place where students can watch videos anytime, anywhere, about educational topics and even practice the concepts within Khan Academy. Some teachers even use it in their classrooms to let students complete assignments and track progress on their learning. Also, there are new videos all the time on Khan Academy, which means updated information is always readily available. This is a plus because information must always be updated. It also lets students communicate with their classmates and teacher by way of instant message or through email.

YouTube/education is also a wonderful place where students get to watch videos anytime, anywhere, about educational topics and give their review quickly and easily. They can send their review/analysis of what they learned in the video in a comment, video, etc., or they can send it directly to their teacher by way of email/messaging. There is always new fresh updated content  being created  here  just like on Khan Academy.

Both are wonderful 21st century learning tools that provide students with a wealth of information and lots of possibility. There are many ways that these tools can be useful, such as: fast

and easy when finding information, and with students connecting with their classmates and teachers.  Videos can also be used from these tools to teach lessons in the classroom from a video projector. These are tools in which can be used to expand their learning beyond the classroom. Also, these are great tools to use no matter what subject you will teach, because there is content  available on any subject that you are looking for.

Experience them both here now-

Google Earth - By: Daniel LoVette

Through EDM310, I have discovered that Google provides a lot of useful technology tools. Email, Blogger, Drive, Google Plus, and many other great programs are at our disposal. As a future secondary geography teacher, the technology tool Google Earth will be very useful in this anticipated teaching situation. Geography is the study of earth’s inhabitants, features, and lands and Google Earth is able to explore each of these. With this tool, the average American student is able to take a look at anywhere in the world with the click of a button. From there, the possibilities for learning are great. Let’s say the topic of the week is Haiti. The student is able to see information about Haiti’s climate, human interaction, latitude and longitude coordinates, and even view areas that are subjected to widespread disasters such as the 2010 earthquake. Google has provided this 21st century learning tool and it should be used in the classroom. Students will be able to explore, create, and learn more from Google earth than a story or lecture any day.     

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  1. Morgan,
    Both Khan Academy and YouTube seem like very reliable tools for students! I've never really viewed YouTube from an educational standpoint, but you're right. Students can look up a bunch of different topics on there so I can see where it can be useful! I've never heard of Khan Academy before, but you did a great job at describing what it is.
    I didn't see any noticeable grammatical errors, but there was this one sentence that was confusing. It read, "There are many ways that these tools can be useful, such as: fast and easy when finding information, and with students connecting with their classmates and teachers." Maybe try rephrasing that sentence. Other than that I think overall you did a great job on your blog post!