Sunday, October 27, 2013

Blog Post # 10-What Can We Learn About Teaching and Learning from Randy Pausch?

What can we learn from this video-Randy Pausch-Last Lecture- Achieving Your Childhood Dreams?

First, it is important to understand what Randy was talking about.

  •  that life is short and that you will not achieve everything you had hoped to achieve as a kid but you will get to experience all that you want to experience.
  • It is important to reflect, as your ideas change and your thinking changes, and it is important to make realistic goals 
  • That when people give you feedback it is a good thing because that means you haven’t been given up on. 
  • That you can really be surprised when you wait and see the progress that has been made after time has passed.
  • That it is important to start fulfilling your passions at a young age because these begin at a young age.
  • That learning can be fun
What does this mean?

  • That lifelong learning is important- it it not important how long it takes to learn something-it happens all life long
  • creativity and passion must be harnessed at a young age.
  • thinking always change as time passes and reflection is important.- every goal will not be achieved because goals change all the time.
  • students will go beyond what the standards say must be learned if given the opportunity
  • collaboration on projects can help students learn more than sitting through a lecture
  • technology is only a tool that students can use to assist them in learning
  • learning tasks must be interesting and fun for students to be effective

Randy Pausch did a wonderful presentation about this and he showed what students can do if you let them by talking about his students virtual world projects. I think we can learn from Randy Pausch that PBL is effective and a great way to teach students more than just what standards tell teachers we must teach the students.
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  1. Morgan,
    Your blog is set up very nicely! Very organized. I think you could have elaborated a bit on what you personally learned from this video. Dr. Pausch had a lot of great insight.