Sunday, September 15, 2013

C4T # 1 summary

C4T-# 1  I had the wonderful opportunity to comment on Wesley Fryer's blog- Moving At The Speed of Creativity. I really enjoyed reading and commenting on his blog. It had a lot of interesting and fascinating information.

comment 1-  my first comment was on his post- Why Don't Some Teachers Let Students Create in Class? here's a link to the post on his blog so you can see my comment-

This post talked about all of the reasons that some (not all) teachers don't let their students create in class and do hands-on assignments. He went into much detail and talked about why it happens,and even used graphics to show all of the reasons some teachers don't let students create in class.

my comment let him know I found the post interesting and that I believed in creativity, as well as talking about ho it helps to students more if they are  able to create in class than if they don't create.

comment 2-the second comment was about Dr. Fryer's post about his conference presentation on opening doors for students for creating using technology, Here is a link to the post I commented on so you can see my comment (once it gets approved.-if it does at all)-

This post showed his presentation, which talked about technology allowing students to be able to create more and in new ways than they had in the past. He talked about the pros and cons of using technology in classrooms but emphasized how much good it can do for students and how practice with creativity using technology really helps them.

my comment let him know his post was interesting and that I agreed that technology does open the door
to creativity for students and that it lets them learn in a way that they hadn't been able to previously. I also talked about it being important to the learning process and asked a question about why technology isn't implemented in every classroom.

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