Sunday, September 8, 2013

Blog Post 3- How can you provide meaningful feedback for your peers?

After looking over all of the peer reviewing tips provided in the EDM 310 instructions, I fully believe that these materials will help me be a better peer reviewer. After looking over the materials I now fully understand how to give quality feedback using peer review, and I understand the problems with peer review. I believe learning how to properly do peer reviews is an essential part of the learning process and helps others learn as well. I found these materials interesting as well as informative, but most of all, helpful. Through the materials I learned that many things were important in peer review-and that is complimenting what was done well, suggestions for improvement and staying positive when giving suggestions for improvement. Why stay positive? Because peer reviews are not meant to be overly critical of a person's work but to be constructive criticism that can help them improve. It is so important to learn how to peer review because as a teacher part of the job is to review students' work and show them what they can do better.
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  1. Hey Morgan. I think it's great that you learned so much about peer editing throughout this exercise. You are right, the most important thing is to stay positive. You must remind yourself that you are working with a peer, who is one of your fellow adolescents and you must treat them the same way you would want to be treated. I especially liked your own explanation of why you should stay positive; you are there to give insightful feedback not to totally bash the other persons work. What you also made a point of at the end was insightful. By helping your fellow students with their own peer reviews and training yourself to be respectful and helpful at the same time, is just extra training and experience for when you become a teacher. I enjoyed reading your post. Good luck to you on your journey.