Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blog Post 6- Asking Questions: What questions do we ask? How do we ask?

Asking questions- is there a right or wrong way to go about it? Yes, this is especially true as a teacher. Why?

here are some links that show how best to do this.

questions dice
things to consider when asking questions -from-

students, teacher, question
Students answering teacher’s question-raising hands-from-

questions process
Asking questions process-from-
student asking questions
student asking teacher questions-from-

teacher, questions
teacher asking questions-

The things to do/consider when asking questions:

  • Prepare in advance when planning to ask your students questions-this will help your mind more attuned to what you are asking the students
  • ask your own questions to yourself before asking your students
  • consider if the question is relevant to what you want to teach
  • consider if the question simply gives an answer or does it lead the students to the answer(which is what your goal should be)
  • consider your goals for your questions
  • consider whether or not the questions are challenging enough, too challenging or not challenging enough for your students' comprehension levels of the concept you are trying to teach
  • do not assume that some students will know more than others and that some will sit silently and some will answer more during the discussion
  • consider whether or not the students are going to be interested in the questions you are proposing.
  • consider what your students' needs are when asking them your proposed questions.
  • consider the size of your class and how they respond when asking questions-remember, every student is different. No two people are exactly the same.
  • consider this question-do the questions you are proposing inspire your students to create and engage them in the learning process?

I think asking the right questions is important, because if you don't ask the question, how will you ever find the answer. 


  1. "I think asking the right questions is important, because if you don't ask the question, how will you ever find the answer." I love your thought, but this is not standard English.

  2. Morgan, what were your thoughts on the sources your provided links to? It would be interesting to know your personal opinion on some of those resources. The section, "The things to consider...", included a lot of pertinent tips on asking questions, but the overall layout of the post made the viewing a bit confusing.